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12842369Legal Aid and private funding

Police stations – If you are arrested, legal advise from a solicitor of your choice is free of charge at the police station. The police must telephone your solicitor to tell them you have been arrested and the fees for a solicitor to attend are covered by the governments’ Legal Aid scheme.

Motoring offences – Legal Aid is generally only available for more serious driving offences, such as dangerous driving or causing death by dangerous driving (subject to a financial means test).

Other driving offences are unlikely to qualify for Legal Aid and would need to be paid privately. Please contact us for a fixed fee. In successful cases we will apply for a ‘Defendant’s Costs Order’ which in most cases will result in a proportion, if not all, of your legal fees being recovered.

Magistrates’ Court – We discuss with our clients the most suitable funding arrangements for their case and if appropriate assist by completing applications for Legal Aid funding. The governments Legal Aid funding is means tested and looks at your income, family circumstances – for example the number and age of any children – and essential living costs like a mortgage or rent. The test decides if you can afford to pay all or some of your defence costs.

Clients who do not qualify for Legal Aid would need to privately fund their defence costs, for which we would be happy to provide a fixed fee

Crown Court – Applying for Legal Aid in the Crown Court can be a complicated process that our experienced solicitors and paralegals will assist you with. Once a case reaches Crown Court, Legal Aid is generally available for most cases if you qualify under the means test. If you have an above average income or any assets, you may have to pay contributions to the Court or pay privately for the cost of your representation.